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A “Power of Attorney” is a legal document, which should be witnessed and notarized, in which the person executing the document (the “Grantor”) grants specific authority to an agent, or “attorney-in-fact”. A Power of Attorney can grant either narrow or broad powers and can be durable (meaning the authority granted in the document survives beyond the incapacity of the Grantor) or non-durable (meaning any grant of authority terminates upon the incapacity of the Grantor). A Power of Attorney may be revoked by the Grantor at any time.

The type of Power of Attorney that each client needs will be based on their unique circumstances. It is not uncommon that, as an Elder Law firm, we find that individuals often do not have a Power of Attorney that adequately meets their future or anticipated needs (whether created from a “Free Internet Form” or created by a traditional “Estate Planning Attorney”), and this can result in costly and intensive legal complications in the future. Therefore, at Griffin & Griffin we will review a client’s existing Power of Attorney, and if necessary, prepare a Power of Attorney that is going to best address all of their future needs.

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