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Special Needs Planning is an area of practice that addresses the needs of any individual who has been diagnosed with some form of disability, regardless of age or condition. Individuals who have “special needs” are often entitled to certain government benefits, the most important of which is usually medical coverage, and when someone with a disability receives assets, whether by inheritance, lawsuit settlement, or otherwise the receipt of the funds can jeopardize their eligibility for benefits, forcing them to exhaust their funds on medical care and thereby not providing the life improving benefit for which the money was intended. It is unfortunate when a well-meaning family member leaves money to an individual with “special needs” through gift or inheritance thereby disqualifying that person from the benefits they need and forcing them to go through the often difficult requalification process. It is equally unfortunate, and unnecessary, when a person with “special needs” is excluded from a Will or gift out of fear the money will all be used for otherwise-covered medical expenses.

However, by the use of Special Needs Trusts and other tools, we at Griffin and Griffin can provide these individuals and their families with the tools to help the individuals with “special needs” and protect the money given them so that it is used to improve the quality of life of the recipient and not used simply to keep the recipient alive. We are very proud of our work in this area and we know that this planning improves the lives of many men, women and children.

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